Brock Lesnar Retire..Again

Hey sports fans, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I’ve got some interesting news from the mixed martial arts world today-Brock Lesnar is retiring from the UFC again. While nothing has come out of Lesnar’s mouth for once, a UFC spokesperson has confirmed Lesnar is no longer fighting on their roster. For those […]

Super Bowl LI

Hey there sports fans, welcome to the inaugural post of my sports and fitness blog. Not too long ago America was host to one of the largest and most watched sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl. This year the Super Bowl was played in Houston, Texas and featuring the New England Patriots returning […]


Hello people, welcome to my sports and fitness blog! How are we all doing today? This is my first ever blog post and I am really excited to start doing this on a regular basis. I have always loved sports and since getting older I have started getting a lot more into regular fitness, including […]